Say “hi” to long boleros

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna 

The bolero trend went strong in the past two years. Sometimes the fashion systems is in need of something new, and after years and years of jackets and vests domain, boleros were like a fresh breeze during a hot sunny day. Paired with a Horsemanship top or a plain fitted shirt, these short vests were really comfortable and light weight, they highlighted the silhouette and they let us show those well deserved buckles.  The Youth World Show was full of bolero vests sets.

But what if you think that a bolero is too short and a normal vest is too long? The horse show fashion panorama is proposing a new trend: the long bolero. This new version is longer, it shows only the sleeves of the shirt you are wearing under it, and it ends just above your waist line. 

According to Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna, blue, green, brown and natural colors paired with bright ones will be the top trends for next year.

An another news is the coming back of the zip up shirts worn under the bolero. With just one vest you can pair a highly decorated Horsemanship top, a really simple plain fitted shirt or a slightly decorated slinky. Three looks for three different kind of events: from the weekend show to the World Show.

What do you think of long boleros? Do you like them? Or do you prefer the “classical” ones? 

2019 colors

2019 is gonna be a colorful year. We can say that black is the most, or one of the most, worn colors in the show arena… till now. Next year bright colors will be the protagonists of our show wardrobe. Should we say goodbye to black? No, definitely not. Black will be an excellent base color and a perfect support to enlighten the bright ones.

Turquoise and fuchsia will be the top shades. But also orange, green, corral, hot pink, yellow, royal blue, teal and purple will be fashion. Bright colors are fun: they can enlighten any dark outfit. Moreover they look stunning on show pads! I am obsessed with pads and I love to see colorful blankets in the pen. 

Several wonderful designers sent me some pictures of their colorful outfits. I would like to thank all of them for their kindness and their availability to partecipate to this article.

Here you can see their works of art:

All these designs are great examples of what we will see next year in the show pen. Thank you everybody!

What do you think of bright colors? Would you wear them in the show pen?

Trick or treat?

Photo courtesy of Dominique – Eveline Müller of De- Showoutfits

This is Halloween season! And everybody loves it! The magical atmosphere, the warm colors, the creepy aura… The show clothing industry is always in search of new inspirations and Halloween could be the perfect one! You are probably asking yourself how something so far away from horse showing could be a source of inspiration. Here there is the explanation.

First of all: the colors. Orange is the main color if we think to Halloween. It is not often seen on show clothes, so it is original and it will make you stand out! It can be easily paired with a black, dark blue or grey based jacket, vest or Horsemanship top.

Green and purple, maybe mixed together, make me think to witches. They are a wonderful combination that fits every rider, from Youth to Select, and permits you to avoid the more classical black based outfits.

Ruby red is a perfect, elegant, color that can be worn all year long for any level show.

Grey is going to be the must have of 2019 show season. Basically if fits with all the shades I talked about above.

Regarding the patterns, Halloween season is full of ideas! You can get inspired by bat wings, spiders, ghosts, witches cauldrons, pumpkins, skeletons, zombies, and so on.


Makeup is going to be fun too! But we should always remember that we are entering an arena for showing a horse, so we should leave a part the fantastic Halloween makeup tutorials we can see in internet. However, for a “wow effect”, we can create smokey eyes and we can play with lipsticks: orange, ruby red, purple, even black and green.

What do you think about Halloween inspired outfits? Would you wear one of them?

Showmanship look of the week

It was horse show bound last week and I would like to share with you my beloved Showmanship look 😉 Everyone knows black and purple are my favorite colors… And as Showmanship is my favorite class I wanted these colors for my outfit too. So my jacket is a heavy embellished black base piece with purple, lilac, silver and white decorations. The design is geometrical and, as I wanted a punk/rock look, I asked my stylist to decorate it with spikes and chains. The trousers, the boots and the hat were black.

I wanted to dare with my nails and makeup. I just went to my beautician with a photo of my jacket and I asked her to pair my nails with my outfit.

My make up was pretty eye catching too. I created a smoky eye in the pink brown tones and I applied a lot of mascara to obtain a “drama” look. My favorite part was the lipstick. As I forgot home the burgundy lipstick I normally wear, I applied a bright purple one… And I loved it!

The hearings were simple, lilac and, of course, sparkling.

What do you think about this look?

Grey vibes

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna


Fall shows are coming and it is time to plan your new outfit for next year. If you don´t know what color to choose… choose grey. And when I say grey, I mean total grey: grey hat, grey chaps, grey boots and grey top. And a lovely grey lipstick too.

I was at the FEQHA European Championship and there was literally an invasion of grey outfits! Some where a darker shade, while others were a lighter one, but it was definitely the most worn color after black.

It is an easy color to match! I love it paired with red or burgundy… it gives an “haute couture” feeling. It is classy  paired with blue, while it gives a rock look paired with purple. If you like delicate tones, you can add some light blue and pink too. If I were a Youth rider, I would pair it with some brilliant colors!


It is also an easy color to best describe your personality: if you want a “princess-like” look, you can add some pearls (maybe colored ones), while if you want to look like a “bad girl” you can add spikes and chains.

It is often difficult for Amateur riders to find a dark color ( a part from black) that is elegant and appropriate to show. In my opinion dark grey is perfect: it´s different, but not too weird.

I love grey! What do you think about it? Would you choose it for your next outfit?


The coming back of zip up shirts

The question has never been “if” but “when”. It is a matter of fact that zip up shirts are coming back. Fashion is like a circle: you can go on and on but sooner or later you pass from the same point.

Zip up shirts were trendy around 10 years ago, than they were replaced by jackets, vests and more simple button-down shirts. Couple of years ago, when the bolero trend exploded, zip up shirts started to hit the scene again, worn under the micro vests. But a bolero can´t be used for Horsemanship… So if you had Pleasure (or any other class) followed by Hsm, the logical consequence was to take off the bolero and to remain with the zip up!

And, why not, during summer they can be worn for every class as well.

Most of the horse shows are organized during long, hot summer days. Showing under the sun can be exhausting, but your day can really improve if you stay cool. When you choose your zip up shirt be sure it is made with a light material that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Moreover, thanks to the zipper, they are fast to wear and to take off!

If you are not a fan of heavy Horsemanship tops, this kind of shirt is ideal for you; and it can be easily worn also for Reining and Working Cow Horse where you need a “lighter” look.

I really like to wear zip up shirts as they make me feel comfortable and not hot all the time.

What do you think about them?


Take the stress away

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of ekedie Show Clothing and Tina Eger

One of the biggest cause of stress at horse shows is changing outfit. If you are an All Around  rider, you know you have to hurry up for moving from an arena to the other, from the boxes to the pen, and from the tack room to the boxes. Most disciplines require a change of outfit: it is not possible to show Showmanship with a bolero, as it is not possible to show Horsemanship with a fringed jacket or vest.

It would be beautiful to have a piece that can be used for every discipline. But is it possible? Mel Loebel, owner of ekedie Show Clothing, found a solution to make the life of an All Around rider easier. She created a jacket with zip up sleeves, so you can have a jacket and a vest.

The project has a deep neckline: you can wear it with a “dickie” if you want to use it for Showmanship or as a riding jacket; otherwise, you can remove the sleeves, wear a plain fitted shirt under it, and you will have a vest set. For Horsemanship, you just have to remove your vest and you will be ready to show with your shirt.

This innovative project permits you to wear only one piece all day long. From Showmanship to Pleasure, you just have to remove or add the sleeves and you will avoid to run to the tack room after every discipline to change your clothes!

Nicola Eger is a competitor from Germany who just purchased one of this outfits from ekedie Show Clothing and she shared her feedback with us: “Mel is a friend of my mum and me and we know what sensational outfits she makes. So we asked her if she could make me a Showmanship Outfit. I wrote her my wishes, but most of the ideas came from Mel. She thought to create an outfit that included also a vest. It was of course a great idea! Mel has so many ideas, she is so creative and so patient… She obvioulsy loves what she is doing.  The outfit looked nicer with every email she sent me, but I never expected it would be that great. I really like that I can zip off the arms and wear it as a vest with a blouse. Moreover, for Showmanship, Mel made me three different ‘dickies’ to vary. I think the best is that the outfit is really changeable and I have lots of possibilities. I love it really much!”

(Here you can see Nicola together with her trainer after the Showmanship Golden Series qualifications in Kreuth, Germany)

I think this project could be really helpful to keep the “horse show nerves” under control! Moreover, it is really innovative!

I would like to thank Mel for letting me know about her innovative project and for sending me all the “work in progress” photos! Thank you!!

Angel´s feathers

Photo courtesy of Kate Szumanska of Show Funky Clothing

If show jackets had a soul, I would say it is made of their decorations. Without them, show clothing would be just pieces of fabric. Decorations don’t just make the garment beautiful, but they represent the rider’s personality. Spikes, chains, pearls, fringes… the possibilities are endless.

Today we are going to speak about feathers. Feathers are not as popular as fringes, but you can see them at every big show. They have an allure of freedom, maybe because they are connected with the idea of flying. Kate Szumanska, founder of Show Funky Clothing, is a big fan of feathers. I asked her why she likes them so much and how she came to the idea to use them.


Do you use a lot of feathers in your show clothing line?

Kate: I wouldn’t say I use them really a lot although I have had some and I plan to make a couple more soon. But probably compared to most designers I am quite fond of them.

Why did you come to the idea to use feathers?

 Kate: It is not only about the feathers. I would have to say it is more about the shoulder pieces in general. I got inspired with shoulder piece work and feathers work by the singer Adam Lambert. He has quite stunning outfits and a wild style that I personally love and find catchy for the eyes. I like my clothing line to stand out and have kind of a high fashion vibe to it. The name Show Funky Clothing says it all: the garments from me are supposed to be funky, fun and original.

In what part of the garment do you normally use them?

Kate: I use them on the shoulders. I think these accessories compliment the show shirt or jacket itself but also the rider’s silhouette. It brings out that extra sharp look and catches they eyes. I am not a fan of the big and bulky shoulder accessories but I think some beads, fringes, feathers and so on really make the show outfit stand out.

Thank you Kate!!!

As Kate said, feathers are mostly popular over the shoulders, no matter if it is a jacket, a vest or a zip up shirt. They can be a really fun accessory, especially if you want to mix different colors!

Do you like feathers? Would you use them on your show clothes?

The cutest clothes on earth

Photo courtesy of Brittanie Herrnstein of Brittz Glitz

Kids are the future of our industry. The small fry of today is the World Champion of tomorrow. Moreover, they add cuteness to every horse show! It is always really sweet to watch the lead line class and see so many kids enthusiast about their four legged friends.

But how important is fashion for children? Is it difficult to make them happy when it is about show clothes? To find out more about it, I interviewed Brittanie Herrnstein of Brittz Glitz. Brittanie is specialized in creating clothes for the little ones and she explained me how it is to work with them. Do you want to find out more? Than go on reading 😉


What is appropriate to wear for a kid?

Brittanie: In my opinion ANYTHING with lots of sparkle and color. I’m a big fan of a ton of color on the kids clothing. I also love the classic black, but you have to add a big pop of color, kids are only little once so I believe we need to embrace the youthful look as long as we can!

Normally mums choose clothes for their kids. How much want kids to choose their own outfit?

Brittanie: I have been blessed with amazing clients, where mom and child work together. Moms usually pick the main color and we let the kids choose the fun parts of the designs. I had a little girl last year that was obsessed with unicorns, so I made sure that she had sparkly unicorns on her vest.

Kids change their minds quite fast, how do you manage to create an outfit that is always “super” for them?

Brittanie: I like to get the kids really excited about their outfit. I add a ton of texture to the majority of my outfits and it’s always fun to watch them find all of the new pieces that they hadn’t seen the first few times they wore their garment. It’s almost like an I spy book that they wear!

What are the main differences in creating outfits for children instead than for adults?

Brittanie: The main difference in creating kids clothing is that I’m able to have a little more fun with color, and to be honest it makes me feel younger. Kids are so creative and so much fun to work with. I like to include them as much as possible through the process of design.

Do you want to add something?

Brittanie: I would like to add that I’m beyond blessed with how far my business has come in such a short amount of time, I have the most amazing clients anyone could ask for. I want to thank my family for everything they do to help Brittz Glitz. I’m excited to see what the future holds!


Thanks Brittanie! It was such a pleasure to make this fun and interesting interview to you!

Color is the key word when we talk about kids clothes. Fashion is a fundamental part of showing horses, no matter the age. Little girls dream to look like princesses, and wearing show clothes can make this dream come true. Covered of stones and enlighten with fun colors, they can be stars at every horse show. Because, at the end, we all dream to be princesses 😉

What about teal?

Photo courtesy of Darilyn Turnbull Prevedel of Piccola Rosa Show Clothing

What makes a rider stand out in an arena full of horses? What makes you look from far, when you see an exhibitor, and say: “Wow”? The answer is: colours. We already talked about black, red and there is no doubt about blue being THE colour of 2018. But what about teal? Teal is spreading around fast.

It is pretty difficult to find teal base jackets and vests. You will mostly see black, grey, blue and white bases with a lot of teal accents and airbrushing. But there are more riders showing in teal button down shirts.

Teal is not one of the “classic” colours you would expect to see in the show pen. It is a fresh, summer colour that recalls sea and tropical islands. It is “exotic”, but not too much. It can easily liven up a black outfit and can be worn by every rider, no matter the age or the level. Black pads with teal (and purple) patterns are also a must have!


Certainly teal will be part of my Ranch Riding colour palette this year, both for my pad and the shirts.

I love teal and I think we will see it a lot this show season! Do you also love it as much as I do?