One day in the designer´s studio: ekedie Show Clothing

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel

Here we are, the last article of One day in the designer’s studio. Today we are going to read the interview of Mel Loebel, who in 2004 founded ekedie (written with the small “e”) Show Clothing.

(You can see a detail of a jacket made by Mel for Tina Ullbrich)

Mel can design show clothes only during her free time as she works as a creative director for fashion magazines and tv. She plans and realizes photo- and film shootings for companies and labels, so she can use all this for her work as a show clothing designer. Moreover she takes inspirations from Berlin fashion week and Paris fashion week, which she joins. Berlin, with its clubs, music and fashion, is an inspiration itself. Mel’s outfits take between 4 and 6 weeks to come to life.

(Mel at work)

How does a garment created by ekedie come to life? After talking with the client about her needs (Reining, Pleasure, Horsemanship or Trail), they choose the cut, colours, details and ideas. Then Mel creates some layouts with the computer: she layouts different designs and/ or colours that will match the client and her horse.

(Some layouts created with the computer)

She always wants to know for who she is designing: who is the client, how is her style, her character and her horse. For example, a bubbly person won’t be too happy with a black and brown outfit, as a serious type won’t feel comfortable in gold and/or pink… The outfit has to match the customer and her personality. That is what will make the customer feel and look good.

If the clients approves, Mel will go on and get the leathers and fabrics. She has over 500 colours of leather in stock and almost everything is possible. If she doesn’t have something, she can get it from her long term wholesalers.

(A small selection of Mel´s leather chart)

After doing the pattern, she will cut the leather and start sewing. Pattern making is a big deal to her because it is not easy, but so important. She also tries to find new shapes, new collars and ideas, which have never been worn before. Mel always wants to be innovative, as she come from the art/fashion world.

Two girls, Barbara and Dörte, help Mel with the leather cutting. All the creating process, except sewing, is made by hand.

(Here you can see some leather cuts)

ekedie creates also chaps in all kinds of shapes, leather and colours and they are mostly custom made.

(Mel´s dog Lilli checking a pair of chaps)

She offers also the possibility to purchase a custom made pad which matches perfectly the outfit.

Once the creating process is completed, the label will be sewn in and it will be shipped to the customer. And hopefully it will make her happy.

(And here there is a finished jacket)

Thank you Mel! Your work is amazing and I would like to thank you for your time, your nice words and for all the photos you sent me!


This was the last article of One day in the designer’s studio. We had the possibility to discover how five fantastic artists work to create the outfits of our dreams. They all work in different ways but they are all united by two factors: an unconditional love for horses and the desire to create something beautiful and unique that will make a competitor look and feel like a princess.


I would like to thank you all for your work and for dedicating me your time, you are all amazing designers!

One day in the designer´s studio: Piccola Rosa Show Clothing

Photo Courtesy of Darilyn Turnbull Prevedel

The protagonist of the fourth article of One day in the designer ´s studio is Darilyn Turnbull Prevedel, owner of Piccola Rosa Show Clothing. Darilyn runs her business in San Quirino, in Italy, together with her co-worker Valentina.

Everyday there are many activities to do at the lab: they have to take orders, keep the contacts with the customers, manage the social networks and the website, arrange the advertisement, making the accounting and, of course, create the outfits.

(This a photo from a photo-shooting for the website)

Darilyn and Valentina are multitasking but they divide their work between each other: Darilyng draws the design, she takes the oders and she gets in contact with the customers; Valentina, instead, paints the outfits with the airbrushing and she sews them.

(Here there is a draw of a jacket made by Darilyn with the computer)

(Here you can see a work in progress of a jacket)

Twice a week a seamstress helps them and, during the year, some interns from the Fashion School of Pordenone come to Darilyn´s studio.

Darilyn´s customers can order a complete outfit: Piccola Rosa offers also a selections of custom made pads.

(Here you can see an example of a custom made pad)

That´s not all! Piccola Rosa takes also part to horse shows; sometimes, mostly at Reining competition, she has a stand where she can exhibit her jackets. She also goes to the shows to speak with her customers about the designs, for taking measurements and for taking new orders.

(One of Piccola Rosa´s stand at a  Reining show )


Also today we had the possibility to discover the world an internationally famous designer. I would like to thank Darilyng for her kindness, her time and for fulfilling all my requests.

That was the fourth article of One day in the designer´s studio … Don´t miss the last one 😉

One day in the designer´s studio: La Collezione di Anna

Photo courtesy of Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna

Today´s protagonist of One day in the designer´s studio is Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna, who described me her daily routine.

Normally Anna´s day starts at 8 o´clock in the morning and it ends at 4 o´clock pm.

Before starting a new garment, there are a few steps to accomplish. First of all the customer has to buy one available spot. Anna and her team create two jackets, a Horsemanship top and a vest in one month.

After having reserved her spot, the client must pay a deposit and fill in a survey describing her goals, her riding experience, her favorite colors and her personality.  Anna asks now for some photos of the customer´s body, of her horse and for the measurements.

Now Anna will draw three designs on the computer and she will present, discuss and eventually change them together with her customer. While she draws at the computer, she thinks to a song. The song will give name to the outfit and it will inspire Anna during the creative process.

(Here you can see a jacket drawn by Anna on the computer)

In the meanwhile Tiziana, one of Anna´s co workers, realizes the pattern and the jacket´s base, that will be sent to the customer in order to try it.

(Tiziana is sewing the jacket´s base)

Once the client chose a design, Anna orders all the materials to complete it.

Michela cuts the leather decorations: they are processed on the computer and than a special machine cuts them. The appliqués are fixed on a film. The film ensures that they won´t crumple while they will be sewn.

(Here you can see the machine that cuts the leather appliqués)

Anna paints the jackets´s base with the airbrush.

(The jacket´s base is colored with the airbrush)

Once the  color is stabilized, it is possible to fix the decorations with a spray glue and than to sew them.

Now the stone work can start. Big stones are the first ones to be applied on the garment. They are fixed with glue and than they are sewn with a special machine.

The jacket is put on the dress form and Anna decides which embellishments to add. This is what makes the difference: the outfit is unique. Those kind of stones are fixed with an ultrasound machine.

Now the empty spaces are filled in with ton sur ton stones.

When all the stones have been applied, Tiziana sews the jacket and the lining. The silk lining is chosen depending from the style of the outfit.

Finally a label with the client´s name and a serial number is applied.

Now the jacket is finished and it is ready to be photographed and shipped to the customer.

(Here there is the finished product)


This week we had the possibility to be part of the world of an internationally famous stylist! I would like to thank Anna for dedicating me her time and for sending me the photos of her creative process.

Two other articles of One day in the designer´s studio serie will be published in the next days. Are you curious? So don´t miss them 😉

One day in the designer´s studio: La Bombastic Show Clothes

Photo courtesy of Sonja Haiden

She is Bombastic, tell her fantastic!

In the second article of the One day in the designer´s studio serie we will “enter”  Sonja Haiden´s studio… How does she create an outfit?

Normally Sonja´s day starts at 8 o´clock in the morning. Communication with her customer is fundamental when she starts a new item. In order to understand which model will fit best her customer, Sonja asks the client to send her some photos of her body, her horse and, eventually, of the pad and chaps that will match the show shirt. Before drawing the outfit, she asks her client about her age and her riding skills.

After that, she prepares some sketches. Once a model is chosen, she starts to think about the materials and the colors of the outfit.

 (Here you can see a sketch made by Sonja and the finished product)

Choosing the right stones and the right fabrics is fundamental; she chooses some of them and than she sends them to the customer in order to let her decide which ones she likes the most.

Sonja can now start the realization of the item: she cuts out the model, she puts it over the dress form and she adds some stones to find out how the outfit will look when it will be finished. Than she glues and sews the stones and the outfit gets sewn.

(The jacket is put on the dress form and sent to the customer waiting for her approval)

During the process Sonja is always in touch with the client: she sends her photos and videos of the “work in progresses” in order to make her feel part of the shirt she will wear in the show pen.


(Here there are some “work in progresses”)

By sending photos she has also the possibility to modify something to fit the customer´s needs.

Normally Sonja´s working day ends at 7 O´clock p.m  but, before big shows (like the NRHA European Derby), she stays in the lab till late night and also during the weekend.

(Here you can see a detail of the finished jacket)


I would like to thank Sonja for giving me all the photos and detailed information about her daily routine. Thank you!

It is really interesting to find out how show clothes come to life. Often we can´t imagine how much love, passion and dedication stands behind an outfit.

The designers interviewed in this project are a great example of how love for horses can led to the creation of something beautiful.

Are you courious? 😉 Then don´t miss the next article 😉

One day in the designer´s studio: CM SHOW APPAREL

Photo courtesy of Cindy Mason

Here there is the first article of the One day in the designer´s studio serie. Today we are going to “enter” the atelier of Cindy Mason, owner of Cm Show Apparel. We are going to discover how Cindy works to create beautiful masterpieces for her customers.

Cindy runs her business solely by herself and her studio is in her basement.

For Cindy everyday is different, so she doesn’t have a “typical day”.

She does one garment at a time and she doesn’t usually start another until the first one is shipped.



At the start of the day, Cindy does all her mailing and ordering supplies.  She sends customers samples of fabrics they need to decide on which to use on the outfit.

To start with, she figures out which pattern to use and then she cuts out the garment.

(Here you can see two sketches made by Cindy before starting the project).

Then she cuts out the lining and she lines the garment.


After that, she sews all major seams, she does a trial fit on the dress form and then she makes all fitting adjustments needed.

At this point she lays the garment pieces flat, she layouts the design and she sews down the appliqués.





(Here there are a few examples)

Then all the designs get stoned, big stones are put where needed and they are sewed in place.

All the seams are sewed together and a final fitting on the dress form is done.

To finish up, she makes all adjustments needed, she measures for sleeves and hem length and she finished all areas as needed.

Once the design is complete she take some pictures for the customer.

(here you can see a vest set completed and ready to be shipped).

Now the garment is ready to be mailed to the customer and Cindy can start a new one.


I would like to thank Cindy for sending me all the information about her work, her studio and her daily routine together with the photos of her beautiful creations. This virtual tour in your atelier was really interesting! Thank you Cindy!


This was the first article regarding the daily routine of five international famous horse show clothing designers. Stay tuned to read about the next one 😉

One day in the designer´s studio

In the show pen we see breathtaking show clothes, sparkling, covered in stones. But what stays behind high quality show apparel?

One day in the designer´s studio is a project conceived by Fancy In The Sand.

I will interview five international famous designers to discover what there is behind the scenes of their works of art. Together we will find out which is their working routine from morning to evening and how show clothes come to life. You will have the possibility to see how they work, their sketches, their “work in progress”.

Five designers will be interviewed. Every article will be published on an alphabetical order as followed: CM Show Apparel, Ekedie Show Clothing, La Bombastic Show Clothes, La Collezione di Anna and Piccola Rosa Show Clothing.

I would like to thank all the designers for their kindness and their availability.

Do you want to know more about it? Stay tuned in the next weeks 😉 .






Photo courtesy: CM Show Apparel, Ekedie Show Clothing, La Bombastic Show Clothes, La Collezione di Anna and Piccola Rosa Show Clothing.

Made to last

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of Ekedie Show Clothing

It is not a secret: horse showing is expensive. You have to pay the entry fees, the trainer, the horse transport, the hotel, and so on. To all that you have to add show tack and show clothing… probably the most expensive part. So how can you present yourself good without breaking the bank? Buy smart and buy quality!

When I shop for horse show clothing or tack the key words is always quality. First of all, quality items last. I can make you a few examples: I bought my black chaps six years ago and they still look perfect; in the same year I purchased my black and silver jacket…It is a timeless item that I wore hundreds of times for different events and occasions. The same for my hat and two pair of boots. Quality costs, but it is a great investment in terms of years. You buy one item once, and you are going to wear/use it for a really long time… And you will avoid to spend money buying the same item multiple times.

How can you know if a jacket or a vest is a “timeless model”? Just feel it. Look at it and think: would I wear it for the next five years? If the answer is yes, that is the jacket, vest, hat, ecc for you.

Do you agree?

Heavy Metal

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of Ekedie Show Clothing

Fashion in the arena seems to follow the fall/winter makeup trends. Every horse show fashion lovers know that this is the time of the year where trends for the next show season are set! Congress and World Show are the best shows to check if you want to have an update on what is trendy and what is not.

As I wrote last week, this year’s congress was defined by a massive presence of black outfits. Black outfits with really a lot of metallic decorations. You can see a lot of gold and silver, but the most diffuse color is bronze. Metallic shades add an extra sparkle to the outfit.

Silver and gold are timeless colors, you can be sure that they will be trendy in the show pen in the next ten years. Moreover, they are appropriate for every rider and they fit every horse color.

I think that bronze is so popular because it is such a beautiful color. It is wonderful with bay, sorrel and roan horses. If you add bronze accents to a black base jacket or vest, you will have a dream outfit to wear with a bay horse. As fringes are actually very popular, you can add bronze fringes to your outfit and you will for sure make heads turn.

So what do you think about metallic shades? Do you like them?