Hunter classes: a timeless elegance

Two adjectives can describe the perfect outfit for hunter classes: classical and traditional. If you want to shine, those classes are not for you. No bright colours and no stones. Keep it simple and, as I said before, traditional.

There were a lot of discussions about coloured shirts. Personally I think that a hunter shirt should be in light colours (like light blue or peach) or better white. I am a fan of the simple white hunter shirt. If you want to personalize it, you can ask your designer to embellish your initials on the collar.  I don’t like dickies because I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing one of them.

Hunter jackets should be in a traditional colour like black, dark blue, grey, brown or dark green. As always, most of the riders wear black jackets. The fit is really important, make sure your jacket is not too small or too big. Pay attention also to its length, you don’t want to sit over your jacket. You also don’t want it to be too short. You don’t need to buy an expensive custom made jacket, just go in a tack store and tried several ones till you  find one which fits you good. I own two hunter jackets: one is dark grey and the other one is brown.

Gloves are also really important, choose them in the same colour of your jacket.

Trousers should be beige. You can see some riders wearing grey trousers, but I wouldn’t wear them.

Boots must be black or dark brown. To complete the look I wear a simple black velvet helmet.

I wear a classical make up: dark red lip stick and eyeshadows in light tones like peach, beige or white. I never wear big shining hearings. Normally I choose pearls or small hearings in beige. I keep my hair inside of the helmet. If the English class is after Horsemanship and I have no time to change my hairstyle, I keep them in a bun but I never wear a ribbon.

That’s all! What do you think? Do you like to be traditional or do you want to be a little bit different?