The short sleeve vest

Photo courtesy of The Equine Chronicle,

If you are horse show clothes crazy you must watch the Congress and the World shows. There is no doubt about that: riders at these big events set the trends for the next season. While I was watching the live stream, I could notice some common “stuff” that riders were wearing. First of all Boleros, but we already spoke about them in a previous post ( ). There was also a massive presence of total black outfits. But black always works 😉 The most significant novelty I noticed was the “short sleeve vest”.

In my opinion these vests are really cool. They are “normal” vests but, instead of being sleeveless, they are short sleeve. If you wear them with a coordinate Horsemanship top under them, you give the impression of wearing a jacket. You can create three looks with just two pieces: a Horsemanship top, a vest ( that you can wear with a plain fitted shirt, maybe for Trail or Western Riding) and a really fully decorated set that looks like a jacket. That is awesome!

The sleeves give that “something more” that makes you stand out in the pen. And they are something new and fresh.

What do you think? Will the short sleeve vest be a part of your 2017 horse show wardrobe?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful horsewear of them all?

Fashion is not only in the show pen. Everything that surrounds us can be graceful and beautiful. We want our show clothes to sparkle, our hats to be in shape and the silvers on the saddles to shine. But that’s not enough. I also want my horses to look good and to be comfortable in the box. Either at a show or at the barn. I invest pretty much time searching the perfect sleepwear for the horses I ride. First of all, I want to buy good quality items. I speak with the vendor cause I want to be sure that the sleepwear will be in the right size for the horse. Than comes the funny part: choosing the colours and the prints.

Normally I like to coordinate the colour of the stable sheet with the one of the hood and of the tail bag. My mare wears a brown stable sheet with her name printed in gold over it. I decided to print the name of every horse on his blanket to be sure to don’t confuse them. Her hood shades from brown (over the wither and the shoulders) to fuchsia. Also the hood is printed with her name in gold. To complete the “outfit” she wears a fuchsia tail bag and a fuchsia halter. She has two other hoods: one is a multicoloured hood while the second one is black and it is decorated with coloured spots.

The gelding, instead, is a gentleman, so he wears masculine colours. His blanket is blue while the hood and the tail bag are decorated in blue and light blue. No fuchsia for him 😉

And you? Do you like to mach your horsewear too?

Show pen tips with Anna Omodeo

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna

The show season is over and it’s time to plan the outfits for the next one. I asked Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna a few questions about the 2017 trends. She kindly shared her experience with the readers of Fancy in the sand.

  1. First of all, I think that we all want to know what will be “in” next year.

During 2017 geometric patterns will be “in”, but I am sure that also flower patterns will be trendy. We all search something new to stand out in the crowd. Also bright colours, chains and spikes will be “in”. I always suggest my customers to ask for the designer’s advice: often the colours they like don’t fit with their skin tone, hair colour and with their horse’s colour.

  1. Will there be some big changes from this year?

There are always some novelties. Because jackets are expensive, I suggest my customers to choose a style which is not too extreme in order to maintain the value of their garments through the years.

  1. Which is the creative process behind a garment of La Collezione di Anna?

When the customer contacts me, I ask her some photos of her and of her horse. I ask her some questions in order to understand her personality. I also ask her if she wants to combine her new garment with her hat, chaps and pad. If I have to create a Horsemanship top or a Showmanship jacket, I ask her to discuss with her trainer which elements she should bring out. The outfit she will wear must be beautiful and comfortable during the show. This first phase is around two weeks long. The final result is the design of our project. I purpose three designs. The first design reflects mainly the customer’s demands. The second design mixes our ideas and the third one reflects mainly my view. There is not one I prefer. I like all, otherwise I wouldn’t have purposed them to the customer.

  1. Every month you create outfits for riders who come from different countries and who have different styles and opinions. Where do you find the inspiration to make them stand out in the show pen?

The riders who work with me know that  communication between them and me is fundamental. The outfit won’t represent me but the customer. To make her feel comfortable we need an initial empathy. The customer needs a lot of advices in order to make the right choice. To me, communication means having a open behaviour. The best approach is mixing the customer’s ideas with mine in order to obtain a design which will represent the rider’s personality and will valorise her figure. The ideas for my designs are born this way. To me a jacket is not just a garment but a story to tell.

  1. Which is the most difficult part of your job?

The most difficult part is to understand the customers expectations and to don’t disappoint them. At the same time I must create an outfit which is handsome and comfortable to wear in the show pen. We must remember that this is a sport and what we wear has an influence on our performance.

  1. What would you suggest to a rider who should buy her first outfit?

I suggest her to take her measurements carefully and to send me a lot of pictures when she will wear the base of the jacket. I would suggest her to don’t be influenced by the trends and to focus on the elements which will valorise her performance. For example, if her hand position is not so correct, I wouldn’t put decorations which would draw attention on her hands. I suggest her to choose colours which valorise her figure.

  1. Let’s now talk about a few things that are often neglected. Which are, in your opinion, the elements of a perfect outfit?

The hat is fundamental. It must be in shape and it must be in the right colour. Also chaps are really important, they must fit the rider good, they must be clean and coordinated with the outfit. The showmanship trousers are really important too. They mustn’t be too short and they should also be coordinated with the outfit.

  1. Are accessories and make up important in the overall presentation?

I don’t think that a makeup artist and an hairdresser are necessary at a horse show. It is important to know that our imagine reflects our personality. I would´   t wear a pyjama for a business meeting or for a university exam. If a rider knows someone who can create a wonderful makeup, that’s great! Shows are really emotional and we are photographed. If we look stunning in the photos, our memories will be sweet.

  1. Is the pad important?

The pad is really important. I work together with Lory of Golden West and we can create a perfect matching. The pad dresses your horse, it complete the image and it can make a great difference.

I would like to thank Anna for her kindness and for the time she dedicated to me. Her advices will be really precious for looking perfect in the show pen next year 😉