Purple is the new black

The Christmas holidays are the best time of the year for relaxing and for spending time with our families. As we have pretty much free time, we can start to think to the next show season. And consequently to our outfits. We have to decide how we want to look and what we want to communicate with our clothes.

I set a colour scheme for the 2017 show season: purple, black, lilac and silver. Purple will be the main colour.

In showmanship I will wear a wonderful black base jacket with purple, lilac and silver accents. Spikes and chains will be the main theme. I will match it with black trousers, black boots and a grey or black hat ( I still didn’t decide which hat colour I will wear next year). The eyes makeup will be in the nude tones while the lipstick will be red with a soft shade of purple.

For the rail classes I will wear a black and silver bolero vest, black chaps and a purple or black plain fitted shirt. The eyes makeup will be in the purple tones while the lips will be in a ruby red colour. I will choose a black base pad with a purple, lilac and silver pattern.

Lastly I will decorate my nails in purple and silver.

In 2017 purple will definitely be my colour.

What do you think? Do you like purple too? Which will be your colours for the 2017 show season?


Woman in black

Total black always works. Well… maybe not always 😛 The black outfit pictured in the photo was one of the most “criticized” of this show season. Some people loved it and some others absolutely didn’t like it. Some of them said that the red pad didn’t match the total black outfit.

The red pad took all the attention, and I wanted that 😉 In the Western Pleasure pen you need details which drive the judge´  s attention  on your horse and you. Normally I use a black and silver pad for a total black outfit. I decided to don’t use it because black and silver is one of the most used colour combination with grey horses. And I wanted to be different. I chose a red pad and I completed the outfit with some red elements. I wore a fire red lipstick and some quite big red sparkling earrings.

A black outfit is a must have. It matches every horse colour, it is timeless and it will always be fashion… so it can last many years. Also if black is cool and elegant, it needs, in my opinion, some coloured accents to “come to life”. Otherwise it is sad and banal.

What do you think about total black outfits? Do you like them?