Dressed like a Unicorn

Photo courtesy of Showtime Show Clothing

Everybody loves unicorns. They are fluffy, colourful and cute. The “Unicorn mania” spread around the world and the fashion system was inspired by it. Clothes brand, makeup brands and cell phone cover brands developed collections dedicated to unicorns. If you walk in the street you can see girls with multicoloured unicorn inspired hair, wearing t-shirts with unicorns and light blue lipsticks. The horse show fashion system took also inspiration from that trend. If you give a look to the most famous show clothes websites, you can see a lot of “unicorns” colours like pink, lavender, teal and light blue. They are perfect for spring and for the summer shows! Moreover, they are something new if you want to stand out in the show pen! You can play a lot with these pastel colours. You can combine a teal vest with teal chaps and a white or teal shirt (maybe also with a pink one if you like it). You can also match purple with pink or light blue…just be colourful.

Makeup is also going to be fun! A lot of makeup brands are creating unicorns collections with beautiful, “crazy” colours. You can dare with a teal lipstick and a purple eyeliner and all the eyes will be on you.

This is not going to be a rock “spikes and chains” look, but you will for sure look like a princess!

What do you think about this trend? Would you like to be the next unicorn queen?

Supermassive black & gold

Photo courtesy of D Designs and La Collezione di Anna

Two weeks ago I spent all my free time watching the Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas. I saw many wonderful horses, great patterns and breathtaking jackets. I paid attention to what riders were wearing and I noticed a massive presence of black and gold outfits. No matter if it was an Amateur, Youth or Select class, black and gold was everywhere. But why did this happen? Well, with black and gold you can’t go wrong; it is timeless and it fits with every horse colours. Moreover you can match a black and gold jacket with black chaps, a black hat and a black (or black and gold) pad. This colour combination fits also with every skin tone and every hair colour. And it is not even difficult to create a matching makeup!

If you want to be elegant, classy and sophisticated there are no doubts: black and gold is the colour combination for you!

What do you think? Do you like it? What would you wear to match this colour combination?