FEQHA European Championship of American Quarter Horses

Photo taken from the ECQH website

I am happy to announce that Fancy In The Sand will collaborate with the European Championship of American Quarter horses´ press team for the coverage of the event!!
Me, The Showlife and Leonie Fischer will keep you posted with all the news about the Europeans 😉
Do you want to find out more about the European Championship? Than give a look to the ECQH website https://pressecqh.wixsite.com/ecqh

What about fringes in Western Pleasure?

It is not a secret that I love fringes. I love the way they move together with the horse’s movement, especially over the poles or in Western Riding. I like them even more if they are covered with stones. I own a vest that has fringes over the shoulders and around the waist and it is one of my favourite pieces in my horse show wardrobe. In the past years I was wearing it for Trail but, since last October, I started to wear it also for the Western Pleasure class. I was really excited for the movement of the fringes. It was such a nice feeling to feel the fringes touching my arms at the rhythm of the feet of my horse and the photos were beautiful. But than , when I saw the video, I had to change my mind. The fringes over the shoulders were really cool, but the ones around my waits were a little bit distracting. They were creating too much movement.

So, what to do now? I will keep wearing the vest for Trail (that’s what it was created for) but I think I won’t wear it anymore for the Pleasure. Being an all around rider is pretty cool if we consider the “fashion side”. You can take part to many classes and you can find the perfect outfit for each one of them. Some clothes are perfect for some classes but not for others. And it is fine, it is the funny part!

To summarize I would say that fringes around the shoulders are really pretty, but I would avoid the ones around the waist in Western Pleasure.

Which is your opinion? Do you like fringes in Western Pleasure?

The perfect riding jeans

When it is about riding, my jeans have to be perfect. Not every model is ok, and after many years, and many pairs of jeans, I think I found the ones that fit me. In my opinion, riding jeans must have some specific characteristics. First of all they should have a mid waist. I hate low rise riding jeans, they are uncomfortable and, if you use them for showing, your show shirt will always slip out of them. They should be elastic to let my legs move in the best way possible. I don’t like when the fabric is too “hard” and it doesn’t have a nice, soft feeling on the skin.

They also have to be “real” boot cut! Sometimes you can see many “boot cut” jeans they are simply too skinny and you can see the sign of the boots under them. It looks horrible. An another important factor is the length. I want my jeans to be long enough to cover the legging of my boots. I think it doesn’t look good if people can see my boots because my jeans are too short. It costs me nothing to check the length of my jeans when I buy them and make sure they will be long enough to cover my boots when I will be on the saddle.

The colour is an another important factor: I wear only blue jeans. I know that there are a lot of black, light blue and shaded jeans, but I just keep it simple. I choose blue jeans also because I wear them for the Ranch Riding class and I want a simple, clean look.

Finally I am not a fan of the so called “blingy jeans”. They look beautiful, sexy and original. They are just fine to walk around at a show in a day in which you don’t have classes… but not for riding. Most of them are richly decorated in the back pockets and, if you wear them for riding, you risk to ruin the seat of your saddle.

To summarize, my ideal riding jeans must have three characteristics: they must fit good, they must be long enough to cover my boots and they must be comfortable.

What do you think? Which are the characteristics of your ideal riding jeans?