Are smooth chaps coming back?

You normally won’t see many smooth chaps in the pen. They were fashion in the past but, in the recent years, suede chaps took the scene. In the reining pen they are considered really cool, but in the last months there was an increase of smooth chaps also in the Pleasure and Western Riding Classes. Maybe one of the “cause” of the coming back of the smooth chaps could be the “bolero trend”. We all agree that smooth chaps are not ok for Horsemanship, but I think they look really pretty if you wear them with a bolero. Boleros are short and smooth chaps can draw attention to you and can emphasize the length of your leg. Moreover it is something extra fancy that is not often seen in the pen.

I have always been a huge fan of smooth chaps. I purchased them when I was still showing Reining horses and I continued to wear them also when I “switched” to the All Around classes. I was wearing them (also if they were not “in”) because I liked them and it made me happy. I think fashion should be that way: you have to wear what makes you happy, not what is considered trendy.

I like to wear them in Western Pleasure together with my bolero. In my opinion they add a “rock” touch to my outfit. Of course I am going to wear them also in case I show in Western Riding and Reining.

Which is your opinion about smooth chaps? Do you like them?

The rising of the chocolate

In the past years there were not so many chocolate outfits in the show pen. You could have seen a lot of black, purple and bright colours outfits, but not chocolate ones. Last week I could notice a “rising of the chocolate” at the Italian Championship. In the Amateur Horsemanship there were three riders wearing chocolate outfits. I’ve always been a fan of chocolate. It is a “warm” colour that fits almost every horse, it works in every occasion, it is dark enough to be used for a Horsemanship top but, on the other side, it is not the “wore-by-everybody” black. I think it can suit riders of every age, from the youth to the select, and it can be paired with a lot of other colours to create stunning combinations. Moreover it is an easy tone to match. You can choose a white, chocolate or beige hat. Also the makeup is going to be easy: you can create a smoky look in the earth tones for the eyes and you can apply a nude, brown, dark red or fuchsia lipstick. We definitely can say that chocolate is an uncomplicated colour.

I felt in love with my Horsemanship top at the first sight. I own it since three years now and I still think it is the best Horsemanship top I have ever seen. The combination of chocolate, gold, white and fuchsia is simply stunning.

If you decide to wear chocolate you will obtain a classy, timeless look but, at the same time, you will be able to stand out in the crowd of “black dressed” people.

What do you think about chocolate? Do you think  it is “in” or “out”? Would you wear it at a horse show?