A game of stones

Outfit designed and photographed by Melissa Ilic

Daenerys, Cersey, Jon Snow, Sansa… maybe Tyrion. We all want to know who will seat on the Iron throne. I am still hoping for Sam Tarly.

There are thousand of fans of the tv serie in all the world. Some of them are horse people and show clothes designers. The outfits that the various queens and princesses wear in Game Of Thrones are breathtaking. And obviously they influenced the show clothes industry too; the main colours remember a middle age – fantasy scenario: dark grey, black, silver, purple and ruby red. As all the feminine protagonists are strong and warrior women, jackets and vests must look like an armour. So dark grey and silver accents are a must. But that’s not all. Everything that remembers dragons is well accepted. If you want to look like a “mother of dragons” you should avoid bright colours (a part from red). You should pair your top with black or grey chaps; a black, grey or white hat and a black, grey and silver pad. The makeup should be “strong” too: black and grey smoky eyes and a fire red or ruby red lipstick. If you want to stand out you can dare with a black, grey or purple lipstick.

What do you think about it? Would you wear an outfit inspired by the queens of Westeros?

Deep blue

Photo courtesy of the Paint Horse Journal. Photos taken by Larry Williams Photography

Looking back to the Paint Youth World Show I can say only one thing: blue. Dark blue, light blue, every shade of blue. A few months ago I wrote a post about the massive presence of black and gold outfits in the AQHA shows. I could say the same about blue outfits during the APHA Youth World. I was watching Trail and I got impressed by the quantity of blue outfits  riders were wearing.

Many of them were wearing a total blue outfit: blue chaps, blue jacket or vest (mostly decorated with silver, white, gold or light blue elements) and really pretty blue hats; Some others were wearing blue tops paired with black chaps, or black based jackets with blue accents. Of course there were several bolero sets too.

Finally a touch of colour! Blue has the same advantages of black, it is just more fun. It is really dark, so it is perfect for Horsemanship, but it is bright enough to get noticed in Pleasure.

If you want to obtain a classic look, you can pair it with silver, white, or gold decorations. If you want to stand out, instead, you can ask your designer to add some bright colours (orange, yellow, red, fuchsia, light blue) to the outfit.

A blue hat is a must, but a white one is fine too. If you have any doubt about makeup, relax: apply a fire red or a ruby red lipstick and a white sparkling eyeshadow… fast, simple and beautiful.

I am actually in love with this colour. What do you think about it? Do you like blue outfits?

28th European Championship of American Quarter Horses

Hi everybody,

From Sunday 6th August I will be in Kreuth and I will report from the 28th European Championship of American Quarter Horses 🙂 🙂

You can find my articles, candids and interviews directly on the website of the Europeans: http://www.ecqh.org/en/ and on the official Instagram account ecqh2017 🙂 🙂

Welcome to the show 😉 😉