Heavy Metal

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of Ekedie Show Clothing

Fashion in the arena seems to follow the fall/winter makeup trends. Every horse show fashion lovers know that this is the time of the year where trends for the next show season are set! Congress and World Show are the best shows to check if you want to have an update on what is trendy and what is not.

As I wrote last week, this year’s congress was defined by a massive presence of black outfits. Black outfits with really a lot of metallic decorations. You can see a lot of gold and silver, but the most diffuse color is bronze. Metallic shades add an extra sparkle to the outfit.

Silver and gold are timeless colors, you can be sure that they will be trendy in the show pen in the next ten years. Moreover, they are appropriate for every rider and they fit every horse color.

I think that bronze is so popular because it is such a beautiful color. It is wonderful with bay, sorrel and roan horses. If you add bronze accents to a black base jacket or vest, you will have a dream outfit to wear with a bay horse. As fringes are actually very popular, you can add bronze fringes to your outfit and you will for sure make heads turn.

So what do you think about metallic shades? Do you like them?

Where are the bright colours?

Photo courtesy of Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna

When I started to watch the live stream of the All American Quarter Horse Congress I first got enchanted by the horses. After a while, I realised that I should have moved my attention from those extraordinary athletes to what their riders were wearing (the hard life of a fashion blogger :p ). Class by class I was a bit astonished: all the women were wearing black. Black hat, black chaps, black jacket, or vest or bolero. Mostly the garments were total black: black base and black stones. Some had a few accent in “classical colours” like white, silver, gold, a lil bit of red or blue.

I like black, it is my favourite colour… but I expected to see more “bright colours” in the pen, especially in the Western Pleasure classes.

If you give a look to the websites and the Fb pages of the most famous show clothing designers, you will notice that it is really difficult to find a coloured jacket or vest: they are (almost) all black based. And you hardly see some bright coloured accents too; there is almost no orange, hot pink, lime green, yellow or turquoise.

Horse show fashion seems to follow the makeup trends: with the metal lipsticks coming out, you can see a lot more metallic shades like gold, silver and bronze on show clothes.

Obviously black is a very versatile colour and you can be sure that it will be “in” for many years.

What do you think about it? Do you like total black outfits? Or do you prefer bright colours?

RPQH Celebration of Champions 2017

Photo courtesy Relais 23

Hi everybody 🙂

This Saturday I will report from the RPQH Celebration of Champions 2017.

The dinner will be held in the beautiful location of Relais 23 in Castelnuovo Belbo  (AT). The atmosphere will be breathtaking and you will taste the typical regional food from Piemonte.

After the dinner all the RPQH Champions, the Finalists, The All Around Champions and the 23 QH Trophy Champions will be awarded. Moreover the Team that will  represent Piemonte during the Regio Cup will be presented.

The dress code for the dinner is elegant.

You will find complete coverage of the event on this website, on Fancy In The Sand Facebook page and on the Facebook Event Cena dei Campioni RPQH 2017 🙂