Made to last

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of Ekedie Show Clothing

It is not a secret: horse showing is expensive. You have to pay the entry fees, the trainer, the horse transport, the hotel, and so on. To all that you have to add show tack and show clothing… probably the most expensive part. So how can you present yourself good without breaking the bank? Buy smart and buy quality!

When I shop for horse show clothing or tack the key words is always quality. First of all, quality items last. I can make you a few examples: I bought my black chaps six years ago and they still look perfect; in the same year I purchased my black and silver jacket…It is a timeless item that I wore hundreds of times for different events and occasions. The same for my hat and two pair of boots. Quality costs, but it is a great investment in terms of years. You buy one item once, and you are going to wear/use it for a really long time… And you will avoid to spend money buying the same item multiple times.

How can you know if a jacket or a vest is a “timeless model”? Just feel it. Look at it and think: would I wear it for the next five years? If the answer is yes, that is the jacket, vest, hat, ecc for you.

Do you agree?