Take the stress away

Photo courtesy of Mel Loebel of ekedie Show Clothing and Tina Eger

One of the biggest cause of stress at horse shows is changing outfit. If you are an All Around  rider, you know you have to hurry up for moving from an arena to the other, from the boxes to the pen, and from the tack room to the boxes. Most disciplines require a change of outfit: it is not possible to show Showmanship with a bolero, as it is not possible to show Horsemanship with a fringed jacket or vest.

It would be beautiful to have a piece that can be used for every discipline. But is it possible? Mel Loebel, owner of ekedie Show Clothing, found a solution to make the life of an All Around rider easier. She created a jacket with zip up sleeves, so you can have a jacket and a vest.

The project has a deep neckline: you can wear it with a “dickie” if you want to use it for Showmanship or as a riding jacket; otherwise, you can remove the sleeves, wear a plain fitted shirt under it, and you will have a vest set. For Horsemanship, you just have to remove your vest and you will be ready to show with your shirt.

This innovative project permits you to wear only one piece all day long. From Showmanship to Pleasure, you just have to remove or add the sleeves and you will avoid to run to the tack room after every discipline to change your clothes!

Nicola Eger is a competitor from Germany who just purchased one of this outfits from ekedie Show Clothing and she shared her feedback with us: “Mel is a friend of my mum and me and we know what sensational outfits she makes. So we asked her if she could make me a Showmanship Outfit. I wrote her my wishes, but most of the ideas came from Mel. She thought to create an outfit that included also a vest. It was of course a great idea! Mel has so many ideas, she is so creative and so patient… She obvioulsy loves what she is doing.  The outfit looked nicer with every email she sent me, but I never expected it would be that great. I really like that I can zip off the arms and wear it as a vest with a blouse. Moreover, for Showmanship, Mel made me three different ‘dickies’ to vary. I think the best is that the outfit is really changeable and I have lots of possibilities. I love it really much!”

(Here you can see Nicola together with her trainer after the Showmanship Golden Series qualifications in Kreuth, Germany)

I think this project could be really helpful to keep the “horse show nerves” under control! Moreover, it is really innovative!

I would like to thank Mel for letting me know about her innovative project and for sending me all the “work in progress” photos! Thank you!!