Showmanship look of the week

It was horse show bound last week and I would like to share with you my beloved Showmanship look 😉 Everyone knows black and purple are my favorite colors… And as Showmanship is my favorite class I wanted these colors for my outfit too. So my jacket is a heavy embellished black base piece with purple, lilac, silver and white decorations. The design is geometrical and, as I wanted a punk/rock look, I asked my stylist to decorate it with spikes and chains. The trousers, the boots and the hat were black.

I wanted to dare with my nails and makeup. I just went to my beautician with a photo of my jacket and I asked her to pair my nails with my outfit.

My make up was pretty eye catching too. I created a smoky eye in the pink brown tones and I applied a lot of mascara to obtain a “drama” look. My favorite part was the lipstick. As I forgot home the burgundy lipstick I normally wear, I applied a bright purple one… And I loved it!

The hearings were simple, lilac and, of course, sparkling.

What do you think about this look?

Grey vibes

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna


Fall shows are coming and it is time to plan your new outfit for next year. If you don´t know what color to choose… choose grey. And when I say grey, I mean total grey: grey hat, grey chaps, grey boots and grey top. And a lovely grey lipstick too.

I was at the FEQHA European Championship and there was literally an invasion of grey outfits! Some where a darker shade, while others were a lighter one, but it was definitely the most worn color after black.

It is an easy color to match! I love it paired with red or burgundy… it gives an “haute couture” feeling. It is classy  paired with blue, while it gives a rock look paired with purple. If you like delicate tones, you can add some light blue and pink too. If I were a Youth rider, I would pair it with some brilliant colors!


It is also an easy color to best describe your personality: if you want a “princess-like” look, you can add some pearls (maybe colored ones), while if you want to look like a “bad girl” you can add spikes and chains.

It is often difficult for Amateur riders to find a dark color ( a part from black) that is elegant and appropriate to show. In my opinion dark grey is perfect: it´s different, but not too weird.

I love grey! What do you think about it? Would you choose it for your next outfit?