2019 colors

2019 is gonna be a colorful year. We can say that black is the most, or one of the most, worn colors in the show arena… till now. Next year bright colors will be the protagonists of our show wardrobe. Should we say goodbye to black? No, definitely not. Black will be an excellent base color and a perfect support to enlighten the bright ones.

Turquoise and fuchsia will be the top shades. But also orange, green, corral, hot pink, yellow, royal blue, teal and purple will be fashion. Bright colors are fun: they can enlighten any dark outfit. Moreover they look stunning on show pads! I am obsessed with pads and I love to see colorful blankets in the pen. 

Several wonderful designers sent me some pictures of their colorful outfits. I would like to thank all of them for their kindness and their availability to partecipate to this article.

Here you can see their works of art:

All these designs are great examples of what we will see next year in the show pen. Thank you everybody!

What do you think of bright colors? Would you wear them in the show pen?