About me


My name is Silvia Panza and in June 2016 I created my blog Fancy In The Sand.

Since I was a child, horses have been part of my life. I have always been interested in writing and in literature and , when I was fifteen , I felt in love with the horse show fashion world for the first time. These two love stories brought me to create Fancy In The Sand.

Fancy in The Sand is not a “you-are-not-cool-if-you-don’t-wear-that” blog. It is just a space where to discuss the last fashion trends and to exchange opinions. Everything I write in this blog reflects my opinion and my style as a rider and as a competitor.

I think that a rider should wear what makes her/him happy. It is your time, your passion and your hobby. You worked so hard everyday for years and you deserve to shine when you are in the pen!