Angel´s feathers

Photo courtesy of Kate Szumanska of Show Funky Clothing

If show jackets had a soul, I would say it is made of their decorations. Without them, show clothing would be just pieces of fabric. Decorations don’t just make the garment beautiful, but they represent the rider’s personality. Spikes, chains, pearls, fringes… the possibilities are endless.

Today we are going to speak about feathers. Feathers are not as popular as fringes, but you can see them at every big show. They have an allure of freedom, maybe because they are connected with the idea of flying. Kate Szumanska, founder of Show Funky Clothing, is a big fan of feathers. I asked her why she likes them so much and how she came to the idea to use them.


Do you use a lot of feathers in your show clothing line?

Kate: I wouldn’t say I use them really a lot although I have had some and I plan to make a couple more soon. But probably compared to most designers I am quite fond of them.

Why did you come to the idea to use feathers?

 Kate: It is not only about the feathers. I would have to say it is more about the shoulder pieces in general. I got inspired with shoulder piece work and feathers work by the singer Adam Lambert. He has quite stunning outfits and a wild style that I personally love and find catchy for the eyes. I like my clothing line to stand out and have kind of a high fashion vibe to it. The name Show Funky Clothing says it all: the garments from me are supposed to be funky, fun and original.

In what part of the garment do you normally use them?

Kate: I use them on the shoulders. I think these accessories compliment the show shirt or jacket itself but also the rider’s silhouette. It brings out that extra sharp look and catches they eyes. I am not a fan of the big and bulky shoulder accessories but I think some beads, fringes, feathers and so on really make the show outfit stand out.

Thank you Kate!!!

As Kate said, feathers are mostly popular over the shoulders, no matter if it is a jacket, a vest or a zip up shirt. They can be a really fun accessory, especially if you want to mix different colors!

Do you like feathers? Would you use them on your show clothes?

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