Grey vibes

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna


Fall shows are coming and it is time to plan your new outfit for next year. If you don´t know what color to choose… choose grey. And when I say grey, I mean total grey: grey hat, grey chaps, grey boots and grey top. And a lovely grey lipstick too.

I was at the FEQHA European Championship and there was literally an invasion of grey outfits! Some where a darker shade, while others were a lighter one, but it was definitely the most worn color after black.

It is an easy color to match! I love it paired with red or burgundy… it gives an “haute couture” feeling. It is classy  paired with blue, while it gives a rock look paired with purple. If you like delicate tones, you can add some light blue and pink too. If I were a Youth rider, I would pair it with some brilliant colors!


It is also an easy color to best describe your personality: if you want a “princess-like” look, you can add some pearls (maybe colored ones), while if you want to look like a “bad girl” you can add spikes and chains.

It is often difficult for Amateur riders to find a dark color ( a part from black) that is elegant and appropriate to show. In my opinion dark grey is perfect: it´s different, but not too weird.

I love grey! What do you think about it? Would you choose it for your next outfit?


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  1. I love grey! I’m always scouting for a grey showmanship jacket with out gold. My horse is a beautiful dapple grey and gold does not look good!

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