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The holidays are a wonderful period for starting horse show shopping. Christmas is gone and now it is time to plan the 2019 show season. With planning comes the need of new items and, consequently, shopping. Having more free time during the holidays allows you to spend more time surfing the social networks and, there, you can see the most wonderful items you could have imagined. But how can we avoid to spend a fortune to fulfill our needs?

Personally, I make a list including everything I need/want. Everything, really. Also if it is a brush or a new set of polo wraps. Than I set three priorities: items I absolutely need, stuff I would need sooner or later, and things I don´t really need, but I like them sooooo much.

Once I have my lists, I start from the one with the highest priority, just to be sure to be ready before the first show.

One of the thing that is really often on my list is a good quality hat.

I think a good quality, clean, well shaped hat can really make the difference. People see you in the show pen for a few minutes, they don´t know your story, your love for your horse, your hard work, your passion. A shaped hat gives immediately a professional impression. If you are an adult rider your head is not going to grow anymore, so a good hat is a great investment that will last many years. I purchased the hat pictured above in 2009 and I still show in it.

If you want to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank, you should think about zip up shirts.

These kind of shirts are coming back powerfully and they have several advantages. First of all, you can wear them at every show and for every discipline (except Ranch Riding if you choose a blingy one). With more or less bling according to your taste, you can wear them alone, under a vest or a long bolero. If you have a black vest and you would like to refresh your look, you can do it easily. You can even choose a color you would have never worn, just to try how it looks on you and your horse. Moreover they are really comfortable and fast to wear as you don´t have to close all the buttons.

And you? What is on your shopping list this year?

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