Horsemanship top vs plain fitted shirt: which one is better?

In April I took part to the Bavarian Spring Classic in Kreuth and I gave a look to what riders were wearing. As it was the first big show of the year in Europe, it was easy to get an idea of what will be “in” and what will be “out” during the show season. Riders showed their new outfits and set the trends that everybody will follow during the next shows.

Today we are going to discuss about Horsemanship. I noticed a massive presence of plain fitted shirts, while in the past years there were more “blinged” Horsemanship tops.

A plain fitted shirt is always elegant. If it is in the right size (not too small or too big) it creates a good silhouette and it emphasize the rider’s body position. But, unfortunately, in Horsemanship almost everybody wears black chaps and a black shirt. You can see five or six riders in the same class dressed in the same way. But this is not so tragical. To solve the problem you can choose a “glowy” fabric (like satin) and an other colour like purple, dark blue, dark grey, silver, emerald green and so on. Moreover, if you want to show on a budget, the plain fitted shirt is a cheap and elegant solution. So, if you want to be sober but classy, the plain fitted shirt is the right option for you.

All the “bling bling” fans will obviously choose a highly decorated Horsemanship top. For sure that kind of top gives the rider a completely different allure: she will look sophisticated, elegant and valuable. It is fundamental that the top and the chaps have the same colour. I think that a decorated top that is not in the same colour of the chaps won’t look graceful: the rider’s body will seem “broken” in two parts.

Personally I use both the outfits, but in different occasions. I wear a plain fitted shirt for regional shows or during really hot summer days; during big shows I always wear my Horsemanship top because (in my opinion) it looks more elegant (a plain fitted shirt wouldn’t be “enough”).

What do you like to wear for Horsemanship? Do you prefer plain fitted shirts or Horsemanship tops?

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