Say “hi” to long boleros

Photo courtesy of La Collezione di Anna 

The bolero trend went strong in the past two years. Sometimes the fashion systems is in need of something new, and after years and years of jackets and vests domain, boleros were like a fresh breeze during a hot sunny day. Paired with a Horsemanship top or a plain fitted shirt, these short vests were really comfortable and light weight, they highlighted the silhouette and they let us show those well deserved buckles.  The Youth World Show was full of bolero vests sets.

But what if you think that a bolero is too short and a normal vest is too long? The horse show fashion panorama is proposing a new trend: the long bolero. This new version is longer, it shows only the sleeves of the shirt you are wearing under it, and it ends just above your waist line. 

According to Anna Omodeo of La Collezione di Anna, blue, green, brown and natural colors paired with bright ones will be the top trends for next year.

An another news is the coming back of the zip up shirts worn under the bolero. With just one vest you can pair a highly decorated Horsemanship top, a really simple plain fitted shirt or a slightly decorated slinky. Three looks for three different kind of events: from the weekend show to the World Show.

What do you think of long boleros? Do you like them? Or do you prefer the “classical” ones? 

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