Shine bright like a Reiner

Photo courtesy of Sonja Haiden

There are no doubts about it: fashion in the Reining pen changed in the last years. In the past the “protocol” was a plain fitted shirt matching with the pad. Than, slowly, reiners started to want more and they started to purchased show shirts decorated with stones and sequins. Today, reining jackets are similar to the ones used in the All Around classes. I asked a few questions to Sonja Haiden to understand why that happened and which will be the future trends in the Reining pen. Sonja is the owner and designer of La Bombastic Show Clothes and she created show shirts for World Champions, Futurity Champions and Derby Champions. She kindly accepted to answer all my questions.

  • I think that fashion in the Reining pen changed a lot in the last years. What do you think? Do Reiners pay more attention to their look and to the details?

Yes, it is true. In the last 5 or 6 years Reining riders started to wear outfits similar to the ones used in the Performance classes.

  • Are there some decorations or pattern that are more suitable for Reining than for other classes?

             I create a lot of show shirts with hand painted decorations. Reiners like also        bigger collars and plunging necklines.

  • 2017 show season just started… which trends will we see in the show pen this year?

             Since 2015 and 2016 you can see many vests (also with bigger collars), but the trend of the year are bolero vests. There are no doubts about decorations: symmetry and geometry will rule.

  • You are creating several bolero vests… do Reining riders like them ?

Yes, I love them! Thanks to the first two boleros I created, reiners started to love them too!

  • Does fashion in the US influence the one in Europe?

Yes, it does. It influences a lot the style and the decorations.

  • Did some reiners want coloured chaps? Or do they prefer the “classical” colours like black, chocolate and sand?

                           Compared to the Performance classes, you don’t see a lot of coloured chaps in the Reining pen. But you can see more shades of the classical colours. Thanks to my dear friend Kata Fay, rust, gray and sand are now fashion.

  • Would you like to add something?

                         I would like to wish all my friends and customers a wonderful show season, luck and health for riders and horses! And have fun in the show ring!

I would like to thank Sonja Haiden for her kindness and availability to answer my questions.

So, what will you wear this show season?



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