Showmanship look of the week

It was horse show bound last week and I would like to share with you my beloved Showmanship look 😉 Everyone knows black and purple are my favorite colors… And as Showmanship is my favorite class I wanted these colors for my outfit too. So my jacket is a heavy embellished black base piece with purple, lilac, silver and white decorations. The design is geometrical and, as I wanted a punk/rock look, I asked my stylist to decorate it with spikes and chains. The trousers, the boots and the hat were black.

I wanted to dare with my nails and makeup. I just went to my beautician with a photo of my jacket and I asked her to pair my nails with my outfit.

My make up was pretty eye catching too. I created a smoky eye in the pink brown tones and I applied a lot of mascara to obtain a “drama” look. My favorite part was the lipstick. As I forgot home the burgundy lipstick I normally wear, I applied a bright purple one… And I loved it!

The hearings were simple, lilac and, of course, sparkling.

What do you think about this look?

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