The coming back of zip up shirts

The question has never been “if” but “when”. It is a matter of fact that zip up shirts are coming back. Fashion is like a circle: you can go on and on but sooner or later you pass from the same point.

Zip up shirts were trendy around 10 years ago, than they were replaced by jackets, vests and more simple button-down shirts. Couple of years ago, when the bolero trend exploded, zip up shirts started to hit the scene again, worn under the micro vests. But a bolero can´t be used for Horsemanship… So if you had Pleasure (or any other class) followed by Hsm, the logical consequence was to take off the bolero and to remain with the zip up!

And, why not, during summer they can be worn for every class as well.

Most of the horse shows are organized during long, hot summer days. Showing under the sun can be exhausting, but your day can really improve if you stay cool. When you choose your zip up shirt be sure it is made with a light material that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Moreover, thanks to the zipper, they are fast to wear and to take off!

If you are not a fan of heavy Horsemanship tops, this kind of shirt is ideal for you; and it can be easily worn also for Reining and Working Cow Horse where you need a “lighter” look.

I really like to wear zip up shirts as they make me feel comfortable and not hot all the time.

What do you think about them?


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